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    • Woven Mesh Screens

      The mesh sieve is a kind of square mesh made ​​pre corrugated SAE (AISI) 1070 (High Carbon) steel, which due to its chemical composition provides greater resistance to wear and abrasion that occurs both in the environment as the hardness of materials to select. Aggregates are used to classify materials and minerals with high accuracy […]

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    • Fishnet Self Cleaning Screens

      These tights are specially designed to solve problems caused by clogging clay materials or conditions adverse ambient humidity. The mesh anticolmatante dramatically increases productivity while reducing screening costs, their characteristics wires woven independently vibrate eliminating jamming or clogging of the same. Rubber bands are centered on each support bar screen deck surface to ensure safe […]

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    • Welded Mesh Screens

      These meshes are built for the heavy weight of the raw material to be classified. They are highly resistant for its manufacturing, iron or steel rounded square wave profile, on the level of screening. The irons are attached by spot welding and anti wear high penetration, ensuring maximum utility. They are extremely beneficial for your […]

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    • Grids for other applications

      STAINLESS STEEL MESH: The mesh is made ​​of different stainless steels available in the market and are selected according to their end use , these alloys are of top quality , ensuring high corrosion resistance and long life. MESH MESH: The numbering of the fabric and identifies the number of steps or English threads per […]

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    • Lámina Perforada

      Es de uso frecuente en la molienda de áridos y minerales, así como aplicaciones en  la decoración, exteriores, amoblamientos, actividades industriales, siderurgia para la fabricación de filtros y arquitectura entre otras, la fabricación de las mismas se hace según requerimientos del cliente. Para un máximo de eficiencia en el molino o aplicación, el cliente determina […]

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    • Screens

      The test sieves are characterized mainly by its accuracy and stability. In the construction we have developed sieve, sieve funds (fabric, mesh, perforated plates or sheets) are set to ring tension by hard or soft solder. The tension ring is pressed into the frame, then using a special adhesive paste. This two-piece construction gives the […]

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    • Screw Carriaje

      Made of iron grade 2 with diameter of 5/8 “to ¾” with lengths ranging between 5 “and 7” used to hold and tension the clamp to the shaker.

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    Produmallas R.C S.A.S. Es una empresa dedicada al desarrollo de la industria metalmecánica, con el objeto social principal de elaborar mallas para la industria minera, alimenticia y de construcción.

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